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Sufficient, nutritious and safe food

We need land to grow food, healthy soils to nourish crops and livestock, clean water on farms and farmers to make it all happen. 

Every farmer and contractor has its own daily challenge to achieve the highest possible return at the lowest cost. On a more global level, we know there is sufficient capacity to produce enough food to feed everyone adequately, despite the fact that the world population is predicted to increase to 9 billion by 2050. 

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Brilliant Simple

How to call something that works extraordinarily clever and, moreover, is extremely easy to use? At Agrifac we call this Brilliant Simple.

In order to produce sufficient, nutritious and safe food, we need innovative tools that are extremely easy to use and maintain. Everything that Agrifac builds, must meet these requirements. For instance the Agrifac Condor. Not only the most innovative agricultural sprayer in the world, but also Brilliant Simple to work with.

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